Shooting Stars - Online Workshop

Shooting Stars is our on line workshop that is intended to get you started in to the world of astrophotography. We have made this workshop online as practically it would be impossible to run a series of of actual workshops without having to cancel numerous times due to the stars not making an appearance! We have therefore worked hard on bringing you a series of video modules that are designed to get you going. 

Module 1. - Introduction to Astrophotography - Photographing Star Trails, Time-Lapse at night photography and how to shoot the Milky Way.

Module 2. Learning the art of star trail photography. 

Module 3. How to edit and create your star trail photograph

Module 4. How to photograph the Milky Way.

Module 5. Editing your Milky Way Image in Adobe Lightroom. 

Module 6. Shooting Timelapse photography

Module 7 Editing Timelapse photography and making your time-lapse video in Adobe Lightroom and other FREE packages.

What you need for this tutorial :

Minimum kit of a Digital SLR Camera or equivalent CSC camera that accepts a remote control lead.

A minimum kit lens of 18 - 55mm on a standard cropped sensor camera. (Other lenses will give better results)

An Intervalometer (available from Amazon / Ebay for around £20). Please note some cameras have built in Intervalometers already.

A sturdy Tripod

A PC or Apple Mac

It's highly recommended to use Adobe Lightroom for your edits. This isn't completely necessary but you can download a free 30 day trial from Adobe. Costs between £59 & £99 to buy or rent from £9.99 a month after your free trial. All other software is free and download links are included in your course.

Price of workshop includes twelve months online access £49.00  


You will be manually enrolled on to our workshop. You'll receive your log in details or a gift voucher subscription if this is for a gift within 48 hours of purchase


Shooting Stars - Welcome . Fast forward to 02:22 for intro.