Stratford Upon Avon at Night Photography Workshop

This course is a mini workshop to the introduction of night photography. As many of you will no doubt found out, putting your camera on Automatic and trying to photograph at night really doesn't work very well. The exposure sensors get confused as to where the light is coming from and they tend to expose for any lights in shot rather than the subject it's self.

A quick flick of a switch to manual mode is a great start. We'll meet in Stratford upon Avon around sunset and we'll talk you through the settings required. You'll really need a digital SLR or a bridge camera for this and a tripod. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the bancroft gardens around the river were subject to multi million pound renovation project recently and it is looking spectacular. You're pretty much guaranteed to walk away with some stunning results!

It's only a two hour course so you won't get dragged down with lots of boring Maths, we'll really concentrate on the art side of photography. We'll take a walk around some of the famous sights. Stratford has always been a bit of a ghost town at night so it will be nice and quiet without random people  walking through our shots every five seconds as is the case in the daytime.

As we move forwards in to the year the workshop slowly turns in to a Twilight workshop. Once we get in to April and May the start times get considerably later so keep an eye on the calendar. We'll stop doing them around the middle of May as the sun sets too late.  

You'll need to be an intermediate standard for this course. You'll need to understand how to control White Balance, ISO, Speed and Aperture. We'll show you what they are for but you'll need to know where the buttons are on your own camera.  

Where : Stratford upon Avon Town Centre

Duration : Around 2 hours

Group size : Max 6


Scheduled Dates for Winter to be announced soon.