Oxford at Night

Night photography CAN be amazing and the results are sometimes truly spectacular. However, as many of us have also found out, it can be extremely difficult to get anything vaguely resembling a good image. However, This fascinating city is transformed into a place of great mystery as darkness descends and the streetlights cast their amber glow through its lanes and alleyways. Explore the darker side of Oxford at night.

The course starts in the evening in the centre of Oxford usually meeting in Radcliffe Square, just off the High Street. We'll start off by running through the basics with you. We'll help you with the manual controls and give you some good tips to start you off and then soon afterwards head off to explore this beautiful city of Oxford. We'll walk through the streets and mostly end up towards the Radcliffe Camera. 


Course duration around 2 hours

Location :  Oxford city centre. 

Course size - 6 maximum 

You'll need to be an intermediate standard for this course. If you have any a Nikon, Canon or Sony DSLR camera (ie Nikon D*, Canon **D Sony A* series then we can show you most controls but any other make, you'll need to know how to control White Balance, ISO, Speed and Aperture. We'll show you what they are for but you'll need to know where the buttons are on your own camera.  Your camera needs to go down to 30 second exposure time.

Required for this course: Digital SLR Camera and Tripod and torch.
If you don't have a digital camera we can pre-hire you a Canon DSLR for £25 subject to availability and tripods at £11.95.

Courses run evenings throughout the winter months. Times dependent on sunset.