High Definition DSLR Video

The above film is from our own 'Special Wedding Films' website at www.specialweddings.eu 

High Definition Video on Digital SLR is still quite a new phenonoman but one that has taken off at a speed that nobody quite predicted. The first digital SLR camera to include true HD video was the Canon 5D mark II. Canon fully admit that they added it as an after thought and were very unprepared for the audience that it would attract.

Shooting on Digital SLR's isn't as easy as shooting with just point and shoot video cameras. On this course we are going to start off by showing you the basics you need to know when shooting video. What controls you're going to use and how you're going to uses them. 

As quickly as we can we're going to go out and shoot some footage. We'll show you focussing techniques and give you some pointers. Between the group we'll then go out on location and film. The subjects will be diverse. We'll in effect be all shooting together. We'll play back what we can on location.

Day two we'll be running through the edit process. Downloading the footage that we've taken and then we'll start our editing process. By the end of the day we'll have completed a joint group short film that we'll upload on to a video sharing site for you.  

Group SIze : 4 to 6  

Course Location :

Witney, West Oxfordshire or Shipston on Stour, South Warwickshire.

Price £350 - to include lunch and coffees on day one and two 

Include a nights hotel accomodation from around an extra £50.

Scheduled dates throughout the spring and summer