The Enthusiasts Course

We'll start off by welcoming you near Shipston on Stour, South Warwickshire.

We'll meet just after lunch for coffee and introductions. We'll take it nice and slow. Really small group sizes of only around six to eight people mean that we'll all get chance to get to know each other and more importantly we'll have plenty of time to go through any of your camera controls that you are unsure of. 

We need to get you thinking in manual mode. We'll show you why. We'll then run through again what each of the control's do. Don't worry if you already know them or if you've already been on our introductory workshop course we'll recap everything in a short period of time. We'll then go out exploring. There are so many sites around. Far far too many to list. We could go and photograph anything from landscapes to cars to planes to flowers to people. We'll work together in the group all of the time. For the less confident members, we'll keep going through it as many times as you need. The aim is that the more confident members can lend a helping hand to the less confident members. Come rain or shine it doesn't really matter, we'll work around the weather.

We'll break for dinner around 6pm followed and then we'll go and expolre either Stratford upn on Avon or Oxford for some hands on night photography. We'll take in the amazing sites of either one of these beautiful locations. 

  • Shutter and Aperture make all the difference
  • File format and megapixels
  • Depth of field
  • Correct exposure


If you'd like to stay over then hotel rooms in the town are available starting at just £50.

Dinner and coffee included.

Price £169.00